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This role involves preparation of the brew, including salts, chemicals, acid etc., cleaning and pasteurization of the wort lines and heat exchanger, CIPing a tank if not already done so, wort production including all hot and cold side additions, yeast management, cell counts, and pitching, setting the temperature of the FV, and recording of all data on both Breww, and brewsheet. This role also includes the responsibility of ensuring proper cleaning and hygiene of all areas of the brewery, including but not limited to, the malt-handling area, vessel CIPs, whirlpool, EWB and brewery floors. The Brewer should work in conjunction with the Cellar person, and Packaging team to ensure the whole brewery is left in a fit state for the following work day.

The role of cellarperson involves everything between the role of Brewing, and Packaging, and involves the careful monitoring of all tanks of beer at their various stages on the way to package.At it's most basic level, cellaring involves checking the gravity, pH, and temperatures of each fermenting beer on a daily basis, making decisions such as when to chill, dry hop, crop, drop, or spund beers based on their gravity and VDK results.On top of this, the Cellarperson is responsible for all tasks on the route to the centrifuge, including CIPs of both FVs and BTs, dropping yeast, dry hopping, and rousing if required, dropping hops, fining, and any further additions to be added to the FV in a hygienic and low-oxygen manner.The Cellarperson will be responsible to check in with the Brewer and packaging team to ensure a smooth work flow, scheduling of CIPs, and helping with the cleandown of the brewery each day.

In this role, the centrifuge operator is responsible for the moving of beer from a fermentation vessel to a Brite Tank, ensuring the utmost care in hygiene, beer quality and oxygen control. The Brite Tanks should be cleaned, purged, and sanitised by the cellarperson, but if the tank has been left over over 24hr with a sanitisation cycle, that job falls to the centrifuge operator.The role of the centrifuge operator is to clean and sanitise the centrifuge at the start of the working day, set the correct pressures for the tanks to be centrifuged to and from, checking the tightness of all fittings, and measuring DO at all times, including the purge of the BT. The operator will be in charge of controlling the parameters of the centrifuge, including flow rate, bowl speed, and discharge time, to hit the specification of each beer, as dictated by the cellaring sheet. Finally, the operator will be responsible for the rinsing and cleaning of the line (internal and external) and shutting down the centrifuge at the end of the day.

The role of packaging operator(s) is to get the beer from the brite tank to the packaged product while maintaining the utmost care and attention to the specification of each beer, and hygiene. The operator's role will include cleaning and sanitization of the packaging line (both internally and externally); canning, kegging or cask filling, monitoring of hygiene practices by ATP.The operator will be responsible for measuring and recording the DO, Carbonation, and other parameters (for example, the addition of Hop Kief, Finings, PGA, IsoHop etc.) and getting the beer into the correct specification as defined in the packaging sheet.The operator will be responsible for the preparation ahead of packaging including the printing of pack sheets, labels, and ensuring that the paperwork is completed.During packaging, the operator will be in charge of filling the different container types as defined on the packaging splits on the packaging sheets (can, keg, cask, bottle etc.), and will work in conjunction with the other members of the team to ensure great hygiene, and monitoring of DO in package, including troubleshooting.Finally, the packaging operator will ensure that the packaging line and area is cleaned down, and left in a fit state for future packaging runs, and ensuring all data is input into the systems in place.

In this role, the warehouse person will be in charge of moving stock to and from the warehouse and the brewery. They will be assigned a weekly stocktake list from the Head Brewer/Admin ahead of each week, so that they can bring over all brewing, packaging and chemical materials for the week ahead. They will also be responsible for taking any packaged stock from the brewery to the warehouse, as well as any other stock, including taproom empties. The operator will be responsible for the operation of a FLT, and a van, and should be ensuring the safe transport of all stock and packaged product. This role will also involve transportation of spent grain, and collection of clean kegs.

This role will normally be held by the Head Brewer, and will involve all behind the scenes administration work such as production scheduling, rota management, cleaning rotas, logging of hours, tracking yields, managing the gluten and microbiology testing, creation of recipes, work on Breww and other tasks. Their role is to ensure the smooth management of production on a daily basis but also looking ahead to ensure that no problems arrive, but also troubleshooting when a problem does arrive. The will work closely with the whole production team to ensure all work is being completed in the highest level of quality and in a timely fashion.