Kynoch IPA

Kynoch IPA

Kynoch IPA

5.5% | IPA | 440ml Cans
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Pronounced like - Ki - nich (like loch with that raspy throat thing)

This is our latest batch of IPA brewed with Bere barley, Citra and Cashmere hops. The tartan on the label is one of the many versions of the McIntosh tartans. The font is inspired by the wonderful designs of Charles Rennie MacKintosh. And we have the wee angry cat from my family crest on the back along with our clan motto. It’s Emma here btw 👍🏻

William Kynoch McIntosh was my Grandad on my Dad’s side. I never got the chance to meet him as he passed away before I was born, but I’ve only ever heard the most lovely stories about him. In that sense I feel like I do know him quite well. A warm hearted rosey cheeked man.

One day when I was working in London at The Kernel we had a truck delivery of kegs, and a colleague of mine was chatting away to the driver. I can’t quite remember his name, but I think it was Davie. Anyway, by the look on my colleagues face he struggling a bit with Davie’s accent, thick broad Scots, and asked me if I could to take over with the small talk. After making him a cup of tea and talking about the weather etc, I found out pretty quickly that he was actually from the same part of Scotland as me. And when he asked who my parents are, his face then lit up as he knew my family. Davie told me all about when he used to walk a mile or so most weeks to Bogside, the name of where my family lived, to buy a punnet of the tomatoes Grandad had grown in his greenhouse. Apparently they were the most delicious tomatoes around!

I remember this conversation so vividly, feeling a bit shaking and getting a little teary at the fact that he knew my Grandad. This stranger who had walked into my workplace on a dreich Tuesday morning. I very quickly realised just how small this world is. I hadn’t been inLondon that long, so this just filled me with comfort.

So, here’s to William, for continuing to spread joy for generations, and for bringing up my Dad who I reckon is a lot like him.

Slàinte Mhath!
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